Our Mission

DyerMark was founded with no particular goal in mind. I had a newfound interest in photonics (lasers) and Ali had the desire to create a business from scratch. However, after a few rough drafts, the idea of what we wanted this company to be began to take form.

What did we want out of starting a business? Making money, while vital to our livelihood, was not our motivating force. What if we focused OUR small business on promoting and encouraging growth within OTHER small businesses? And if we helped other entrepreneurs to grow and realize their potential, we could in turn grow and begin to realize ours.

So the goal of DyerMark is simply this:

We strive to help other businesses maximize their visibility through increased brand recognition.

Our prayer is that more people feel emboldened to take a leap of faith, follow their dreams, and start their own businesses. Our communities thrive when our people support one another and desire to see others succeed. We feel that our small part in that American Dream is to offer people the resources required to leave their mark on our communities, and to offer those resources at reasonable costs.

Does that mean that we’re not dedicated to helping out people who aren’t small business owners? Absolutely not! One thing that separates us from many similar businesses is that we cater to absolutely everyone. Whether it’s an order of 50 embroidered polos for your workers or one t-shirt for a birthday gift, we love helping you create things that are personalized just for you! That’s why we offer even single piece orders with ZERO setup fees.

We know how hard it is to start building something from the ground up. We also know that finding a reasonably priced embroidery service is almost impossible. The good news is, we are here to help. We hope that the next time you are in need of something personalized, you will let us help you make it extra special.

Adam Dyer
Co-Owner, DyerMark